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Save money on insurance with a certified appraisal.

Certified appraisals help in several circumstances when you own farm equipment. Whether you’re finding equipment to buy or sell, an appraisal gives the best insight to their value. Getting the right insurance coverage starts with a certified appraisal. This way you won’t buy more coverage than you need, and when the time comes to pay a deductible for a repair, it won’t be as pricey as it could have been.

Additionally, a farm equipment appraisal can help expand your business by helping you to get a loan from a lender. There is a large range of farming equipment and there exist many situations where an appraisal is needed. Always look for a certified machine and equipment appraiser to assist. As a CMEA, my certified appraisals are accepted by most buyers and sellers and are valid for banks and lenders, and hold-up during court and legal proceedings.

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